Posted by: purpleandrew | July 10, 2010

“Getting dragged to the Zumba”

So, there we were looking for a quiet Friday night in while we waited to see if Leslie was going to have any reaction to her first bout of chemo on Thursday.

Leslie finds the local newsletter and announces, “they’ve got zumba lessions starting tonight, why don’t we go along and see what its about?”

So, still dressed as i was, in my jeans, we went up. After a brief chat with instructor person lady, Her ladyship promptly decided to ask me for money for us both to join in. So, there was i, the only bloke in a room full of 20 other zumba virgins and a very keen lithe and athletic lady instructor in one of those skin tight outfits, making what can only be descibed as a right pilchard of myself.

To say i was sweating like the proverbial pig didn’t even come close to the state i was in, especially as her ladyship decided we should be in the front row. Five rows of ladies all had the opportinity, ney thrill, of seeing a mid fortysomething bloke go left when everyone else went right, do the dad dance instead of the samba and generally huff and puff my way through the hour.


I think I should have got a share of the takings for entertaining the ladies, some in early teens to some as old as me, it only seams fare given the laugh i must have given them all.

Still, next week is another story and one of our neighbours has agreed to join in too.

So, i am off to get a sweat band and find some sort of camelback water container to suck on while I do a good impression of Mr Bean on speed next Friday.

As for her ladyship, Leslie did fabulous and managed the half hour warm up, before she took a seat and laughed at my antics from the back of the hall.

You too can join in and be part of the antics, please visit my justgiving page and donate whatever you can to help us help those who can help us all and together we can beat cancer.

Thanks from a very sweaty dad dancing zumba’d up purpleandrew



  1. Giggling away here! xx

  2. I wish I’d been there to see it ! xx

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