Posted by: purpleandrew | July 18, 2010

The first 10 days

Well, Leslie (and I) have made it to the first 10 days after the first session of chemotherapy.

It has been a bit of a surreal experience for me, because other than being there for Leslie, there is sweet bugger all I can do to help.

Leslie doesn’t sleep well at the moment, she was up most of last night and had only just gone to bed when I woke up and headed off to set up at the car boot sale. I was outside waiting to get in at 5.45 this morning.  UGHH!

It was quite busy there but the fish weren’t biting, although I did cover my pitch fees. Whopey do!

So, the car is still full of stuff we need to sell/dispose of and we have to decide whether it is worth our while chasing up and down the dawn hours getting to boot sales or whether we just give the lot to the charity shops.

Tricky, because we need money, but also need the space and to be rid of things we really don’t need. I am also just too darn tired to keep getting up before 5am and heading off. I am not 21 any more.

Leslie’s moods change quite a lot at the moment and she doesnt have good feeling in her fingers and toes due to the chemo. Sleep doesn’t visit her much and it doesnt take much to leave her flat out and unable to do anything.  Even then, it is difficult for her to find a comfortable space and position.

Still, we both know we are in the “lucky ones” category and have caught this early enough to have a full life after chemo, not all are so fortunate. So, with us accutely aware of our good fortune, we take each day as it comes and if we don’t feel like doing much, then stuff it, we don’t.

The weight loss is going well, with us both losing a stone in the last month or so, this has also taught us to have a smaller appetite, which then helps with the diet.

Going to sign off now, I need to go and have a nap, I am exhausted.

Please try and give as much as you can to Macmillan. Their work is vital for the treatment and care of those effected by cancer.

Please visit my justgiving page,

and give whatever you can, it all adds up.

thank you




  1. It seems to me that you are lucky in the most beautiful way of all : you are lucky to have a love between you that is so tangible that I’m pretty certain it could beat just about anything! JTx

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