Posted by: purpleandrew | July 25, 2010

Clumps at dawn

Off it all came

Well, we all knew it would happen, and it has. Friday morning Leslie woke up and found hair on her bed and was able to pull a good clump out of her head. So, rather than wait for a broomful or finding a strong resemblance to a persian cat lying between us in the morning, I took Leslie to the hairdressers yesterday and off it all came.

Well, not quite, the hairdresser took it down close to the wood as shown below, then i did the rest with my trusted triple blade razor.

It was time for the wig.

Ah, i missed a bit.

Saturday morning we went into Glasgow and found a couple of polystyrene heads for twigs and a rather fetching red wig for Leslie to use, for a change.

So, back to the house after the shave off,  Leslie trusted me to take the rest off. Two blades later Leslie of the queball was created. To be honest, it look a darn site better shaved off completely rather than like a poor mangey street cat.

Leslie with the wig


And here is the red alternative, for those days when only a redhead would do……….

the redhead!


It must have been tough for Leslie to sit there in the chair and hear the clippers zizz across her head. It sounded to me like a room full of angry wasps going for the kill, but she took it all in her stride, zapped the wig on and away we went.

So, my good friends and fellow bloggers looking at this, it is time for me to set the date for the Andrew head shave. We shall contact Macmillan and see how they are getting on with contacts for publicity etc, speak to family and friends then Bingo, off it will come.

Watch this space for news of the event.

If this blog strikes a chord with you, please visit my justgiving page and donate as much as you can for Macmillan cancer support. Every penny counts, and as one friend put it on here, all those pennies will drop and form puddles which will create streams then make a big river of money.

It is a heck of a thing for a lady to wake up to find she has no hair, Leslie has taken this in her stride and i love her to bits for it.

Thats all for now,




  1. Leslie – think the redhead look is very stunning …
    as always sending love and healing to you both, may you both remain strong as you face the coming months. xxx

  2. We love you both! Think the redhead is amazing too, but what fun to be able to try out these personalities for a while…… grasshopper. Your humour will see you through, we know that, and it’s only for a short time… it WILL come to pass and you will be stronger and lovelier than before, we know that xx

  3. love the red one cuz, suits you very much….. you’re such a brave gal….. thinking of you as always.

    Much love


  4. What a lady ! Your terrific too, Andrew !! Love and positive thoughts to both of you. Wee sis’ xxx

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