Posted by: purpleandrew | September 25, 2010


Interesting word, blame; someone somewhere is always going to be giving it and someone else will always be taking it.

 We are a culture of blame.

 Do you not agree?   Think for a second, when was the last time you mentioned something in the presence of another who immediately announced that it was not them or not their fault – whatever it was that you were talking about. You may have been innocently reminding yourself verbally to do something or other and to your surprise the other person jumped like a speeding lemming over a cliff.

On a social networking website there was a statement about illness and the body and how illness can be a by product of our emotional states as well as physical and that our immune systems are also influenced by those emotional states. We discussed the body as an example of the Gaia Principle and also the body’s innate talent for healing itself and for taking on and encapsulating interloping foreign bodies and virus’s etc.

Then suddenly the blame card was drawn from the pack.

“So it is my fault I have this incurable disease, is that what you are telling me?”

It is the ultimate in simplification. The discussion which before was on broad and quite spiritually global terms had become microscopically focussed on the ‘why me?’ question.

Let’s face it; this is entirely natural because the individual who reads these open statements is coming from their own individual perspective.

That is going to be a perspective from where they sit and the situation they are currently sitting in. If that situation is that they have an incurable degenerative disease or have just been diagnosed with cancer that is a raw and tender place.

There is a need to blame someone or something and there we all go searching for answers, searching for a whipping boy.

Ultimately, we turn things on ourselves; it is what we have been taught as a Western culture.

It must be my fault, I didn’t look after myself… this can be down to lifestyle choices it can also be down to genetics and to indifferent education not to mention environmental factors.

We deal with life with the resources available to us at the time. If we are not aware of those resources then we have less choice.

Eastern cultures are amazing; they have no sense of self. The Dalai Lama was once having a chat with some eminent Western psychologist types and he asked them what they did. Mainly, they reported back that they dealt with people’s issues with self esteem. “What is that?” he asked.

Our belief systems have a lot to do with it as well.

Actually they have everything to do with it.

From my seat on cycle 5 of chemo therapy, I see my Shamanic training and my beliefs taking me through this journey understanding the challenges put before me and knowing that death is the ultimate change. I have no fear of it and have visited with it, I will continue to do so until I understand it is time to go and stay. 

Each day becomes a new experience and something to be aware of, connected to.

I am aware of the lessons in my life that I learned in order to be able to understand what is happening to me now.

It is not my fault – though I did not do much to avoid the end result. I made a choice; I chose to wait to change my lifestyle. It may have made a difference had I chosen to work on my body at the same time as I began work on my spiritual health. Who knows?

What I do know is that all I have learned and understood is taking me through this journey more swiftly and easily than I would if I was in the world of hurt that is blame.

I chose to carry guilt of another, I believed at the time it was my duty to do so.

Understanding that I would carry that load, other loads were foisted upon me and I chose to take them.

A saturated solution will begin to solidify and become something else entirely, a whole new and densely heavy organism with its own energy that makes its own space and invading its environment.

Sit in another seat.

See a different view.

If you are sitting with cancer or another of those life challenging dis-eases, ask a different question.  Question the disease.

Why are you in my life?

What do you bring to my life?

How will you change my life?

How will I choose to be now that you are here?

Will I let you change my life?

Keep asking these and other questions then understand that your choice is to change the answer until you get one that fits.

Every second of every day there is a choice to be made.

Some of them are indeed life changing right away; some of them are just small changes.

Remember big old oak trees come from tiny acorns so every choice has consequence but consequence doesn’t necessarily mean that blame is involved.

If you are carrying another’s guilt or burden, leave it behind, there are so many different paths to take on your journey – travel light take the path less trodden and find adventure at every turn. Be in the moment because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to be decided.

Take your life in your hands and run wild and free with it. Laugh and be joyful. Change happens whether you want it to or not. Go with the flow.

For more info on the unconscious mind and the power to heal yourself see the works of Deepak Chopra and Dr David Hamilton to start you off.

Beard the lion of your dis-ease or that of your partners or family member.

I have discovered a lot about myself and others – it has all been good.



  1. So who do your blame for your wisdom? 😉 Jxx

    • Ah wisdom, that I lay at the door of my unconscious mind, that wonderful thing that plucks this stuff from the collective consciousness and connects me with people such as yourself from whom I learn and absorb such wisdom and how it has bearing on all that we do and who we ultimatley are.
      I just open my mouth and let my belly rumble, or in this case put my fingers on the keyboard and sit back and watch them make the words on the screen.
      You know how well that works.

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