Posted by: purpleandrew | September 27, 2010


Have you ever wondered what it would be like trying to get any kind of sensible conversation or just an acknowledgement from a rabbit in headlights?

That is what it’s like trying to communicate with someone who has retreated into catalepsy, the conscious mind in overload totally overwhelmed and unable to move.   That guy Adams had the name for it – going Tharn – now there’s a phrase; something we all know because we all go Tharn every so often.  Every time we get ourselves into situations where something we hadn’t banked on happening happens and in a split second BAM! There’s no time, no sense, no communication between the brain and the limbs – no communication between the brain and the brain.  Your poor unconscious mind clammering in the background trying to be heard but also entranced to the extent that on occasion it forgets to do the breathing thing, (that one thing that is after all, so important to our continued presence on Earth)!

 Meltdown can also be a positive place to start; although we find it hard to perceive this as so, it really is the beginning of everything.   The various meltdown soups that have resulted in life itself are mirrored occasionally in the creative drive of a lot of artists. 

So here we are, back in the headlights.   What is the positive thing?   Well, for the rabbit he’s probably frozen in terror and is getting ready to leap to the great warren in the sky.   I really couldn’t hazard a guess as to what would go on in a rabbit’s brain; I’m too much ingrained in the clichéd breeding thing.  Oh, and of course the good old stand by ‘What’s up doc?’ from Bugs Bunny.  I digress, but isn’t it fun? 

 This is what doesn’t happen during meltdown, the mind cannot meander down tangent-dental, (there go the rabbits again!), paths.  Everything becomes totally crystal clear, there is no past, no future, there is just this precise moment, and their will never be another like it.  I can attest to this, trust me, I have been in the headlights of a car and it’s the most bizarre experience that anyone can have.   Your imminent demise is hurtling upon you and the most inane thought goes through your mind.   Mine was ‘He’s shifting it a bit…’ Then there was absolute peace and a feeling of being yanked out of myself, like some massive force that gave no sensation of mass removed me from the space I had occupied just a nano second before the car was at zero point of no return.

And yanked I was!  I had been wearing little suede boots, with elasticated sides; this was after all the eighties! 

They were still in the middle of the road in a ballet stance position and me; well I was on the pavement over a metre away. 

 I don’t know, I cannot answer that question to your satisfaction, because it has never truly been answered to mine.   The reason for that lies in my need for logical conclusions to logical problems – there are two of me in here, as there are for most people, (some have more than two but that then is a bigger state than Texas and I’m not talking about Alaska!) my logical self knows full well that the logical conclusion of this incident would have been fractures to the left leg and probably the skull and quite possibly the spine too – he was going quite fast; the man in the Volkswagen Golf Gti.

The other part of me, my little friend unconscious mind person, is quite comfortable with the not so logical explanation that takes us into the realm of Spirit and belief systems. 

I know what I felt and I know what I believe.

I also know that I have had quite a few ‘headlight’ moments and each one has had an element of not just ‘stopping the world’ but of some kind of recognition of choice; this is what is happening now, you may choose how it goes from here, how you will react and deal with what happens next, as before your minds’ eye your life flashes by in a nano second that would seem to last forever.

My rabbit may have gone ‘Tharn’  but me, I am looking at all those choices on offer and taking my time picking the best ones for this time in my life.


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