Posted by: purpleandrew | March 29, 2013

Nearly three years on….

Well folks, here we are three years since the diagnosis with the Big C and nearly 2.5 years since the last of 6 chemo sessions.
How are we doing? you ask.
Well i shall tell you.
Health wise, Leslie has had done fantastically through all of this. The only “thing” that we have to manage as a result of the chemo is the peripheral neuropathy (lack of sensation in feet and hands).
All the check-up’s with oncologist have been positive and good and Leslie is now on 6 monthly check ups and we have every reason to think that after the next one, this will go to 9 or 12 months.
The medical problems before remain, the ME being a biggy, but we try to manage that as best we can.
So, why the blog?
The news these days is full of doom and gloom, and to be fair, there can be a lot of it, especially for those struggling on low incomes and benefit.
This is a good news post, but it does come with a hint of sadness. My aunt died of the same thing that Leslie had about 6 weeks ago. In Leslie’s case, we caught the C before it erupted out of the womb, sadly, for my aunt, it had spread too far and was in all her soft tissue. It was not a pleasant experience for her or the family.
So, the message is, be aware of your body and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, go get it checked out. Don’t accept standard doctor answers, like “it’s your age, it’s the menopause, it’s your weight etc etc.” Understand that you have the right to answers and properly done you can get them.
If you find something you don’t expect, go get it checked out.
This applies to men as well as women, get it checked out and check your body yourself. What is that lump?, why is this sore? and so on. Don’t think it will go away.
We shall let you know more sometime soon.



  1. You make some very valid points here Andrew. It’s really important not to get fobbed off,and to value your own worth. X

  2. Thank you Julia,
    we have found this to be very true, not only with us, but also in the latter years of Leslie’s father

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