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Art of Life, Art Full Life

Happiness Virus Blog this came back into my consciousness.


The ‘Big Picture’, you know that one, yes? All the time people say to you “look at the Big Picture”; usually just before they try to sell you something, be it a car, a house, or an idea.

So, this ‘Big Picture’ aka ‘The Grand Design’, this thing that we are all a part of and is supposedly therefore a part of us; would be the Universe, right?

Now it seems to me, just sitting here, actually I was lying in bed contemplating getting up after a night of my usual weird and wonderful dreams –(of which this could be the result by the way…)- when this thought of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole, that’s been circling the drain of my brain for a while now, got caught up on the safety filter and got re-cycled; so here I sit at this laptop regurgitating it for public consumption, what a pleasant metaphor – I do hope you have eaten already?

Anyway, I digress, my favourite hobby. To get back to these parts, well those would be us then. Very simple statement on the surface but as we all know nothing is that simple – just ask the guy who built the Titanic!
I’ll bet he wasn’t too clear on the ‘Big Picture’ in that perhaps he didn’t take a clear perspective on what his design was going to be doing and where it would be doing it, after all the design in itself was flawless, according to him, the designer, perhaps if he had consulted someone who had been in the waters he may have been able to describe hazards such as icebergs that go with the flow causing chaos wherever they go, who knows?

Again, it reminds me of that little tale in one of the English books at primary, do you remember them? They would have a host of wonderful information like what a baby eel was called and interspersed between all this information on verbs and clauses there would be a little homily where everything would be put together. There was one in particular that tickled me; I had no idea at the time why, it was the way it scanned it read like a horse at the canter; I now know it was possibly my first light bulb experience on my way to discovering chaos theory.

It was an anonymous author and it was about how the simple act of losing a nail from a horseshoe lost a battle. I think it may have been about Paul Revere but don’t hold me to that. Suffice to say if you don’t know the piece that this bloke was given a message to take to a general he went to jump on the horse and noticed that the horse’s shoe was loose, but he was in a hurry and it was a very important message so he ignored it, ran the horse like a madman, the horse lost the shoe, they were in the middle of nowhere and the horse couldn’t go on without a shoe so the message didn’t get there and the battle was lost and therefore the war was lost – all for the want of securing one little nail.
Taking this into consideration, just think of the power that one man had to change the course of history.

Are you getting it now?

I have this friend who works hard and is depressed most of the time, he’s not happy! I asked him what he wanted to do about it. He asked me what I meant, like he had no control over his own state of mind, and you know he doesn’t know that he has.

Or, he really doesn’t want to know – and I think that is the crux of the matter, for if we know, then we have to take some responsibility for it, we have to be at cause!

He is right, being at cause is hard work, taking responsibility for how you choose to use the power you have been given to change things takes guts. As a rule human beings don’t like change so much, we like to swim in our soup – bathe in our custard of trial and tribulations – that is what we know and we are all wary of what we don’t know. So we wallow in our comfort zones, envying the people who step out and get dry: craving the will to go forward and do it for ourselves but feeling the cold draught of a different atmosphere we sink right back into our ‘stuff’. It’s so much easier to give the power away, and then blame circumstances for your lot.

Don’t get me wrong, we all do it, even those of us who have the towel on and are eying the door to the next room…we have to empty the bath you see, and that means that we have to put part of ourselves into it again to connect to the chain that holds the plug in order to pull it out and let all that stuff go; it’s tempting to linger there in a memory but it’s not a memory it’s an emotion that clouds the memory, that is the sticky part, it’s a bigger state than Texas and I don’t mean Alaska! Keeping the mind on the ball is one thing and it is the easiest thing if you always remember what the ball is actually for, its goal in life is to get into goal, all you have to do is help it on it’s way.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Oh yes,it is that simple, note, I did not say easy. If it were totally easy we’d all be quite happy being and doing and the World would be full of contented and forward thinking individuals who would most definitely be more than the sum of it’s whole.

Everything we do each day either keeps us where we are or moves us forward. I have a little anxiety attack kind of thing when I move forward, that is when I know I have, my unconscious mind tells me by making me aware of a weight being shifted from around my heart. It’s doesn’t make me feel wonderful immediately, but I recognise that I’ve just stepped out of a comfort zone and into new territory; by doing as little as writing this and posting it on the net, or talking to a stranger who I know can help me but I’m less than totally confident won’t see me as a right twit.
It’s then I remember a story told to me by an old boyfriend the end of which is ‘ if they know you it won’t matter – if they don’t know you, well, it really doesn’t matter.

As long as you are being who you are. Who you know you can be. Every day can be a good day you have the power to make it so.

Is the sum of your parts greater than your being as a whole? Do you colour your area of the ‘Big Picture’, or do you give the brush to some other? Do you think the whole of your being is greater than the sum of your parts?
It’s just a matter of Balance. Pick up the brush, it’s your canvas, paint your picture bright, see what happens…

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Just a thought on States of Mind

Depression, a bigger state than Texas…
And I don’t mean Alaska!

Depression, deeply dark, totally autocratic, no sense of boundaries! Sounds like one of my dates from a previous life!
It is also a state of mind, and like other states it does have boundaries, we just don’t recognise them.
When we are travelling there are road signs, place signs, directions and miles to go signs, there are even state lines; borders we call them. These have ambiguous signs as in you are now leaving – or welcome to… There are no visible signs for the long journey that depression is; there are only indications, symptoms ambiguous hints.

How many people do you think know that depression is something that can be treated to a successful conclusion? How many people do you know have it, have had it or has someone in their immediate family dealing with it?

How do you treat a person you know has it, as in how do you interact with them? Do you steer clear not wanting to get involved, do you tell them to ‘get a grip, pull themselves together and just get on with it? Do you sit with them and empathise, ‘there, there, I know, I know’? The thing is – you don’t know, you can’t know, even when you have been there yourself because everyone’s is unique to them. It is their state; they own it and they are completely in it to the exclusion of all else. It takes that much energy.

The word itself is in fact overused, like the word ‘love’, which is bandied about as a step up from just liking something it is used in such a way to allude to enthusiasm and covetousness of a thing or a place and sometimes a person. When used in this way it has nothing at all to do with the Shakespearian, Casanova, Burton/Taylor, situations that we are taught are the thing to strive for.

These days when someone says they are depressed it can be anything from just slightly peeved, a bit unhappy or put out about something that didn’t go how they would have liked, ‘I didn’t win, that is so depressing!’ to totally suicidal with various stages in between. There are even those who will go from totally ecstatic to the depths of despair that confound most of us.
There are things to look out for though, a change in habit, if outgoing to introverted. Less inclined to buy or shop for little treats and in some cases even staples for themselves. Just too tired or apathetic about getting out of bed or getting dressed; losing interest in topics of hobbies or favourite television programmes, being impatient with others and tired or sleeping at strange times then up in the middle of the night.

These are just some indications and most of them can be found in the indicators and symptoms for M.E.

Mental health is not just in the mind – it has a physiological effect. Depressed people don’t tend to stand straight they bow their heads, they shuffle they sit for long periods of time – vegetating in front of a television that if asked they could not begin to tell you what was on it.

What can you do?

Pay attention, action is movement, get them to change their state, get help. If not for them – find out how you can get help if it is a partner or family member or your friend. Every little helps, and may even prevent a fall into despair. Depression is a lonely and isolated dis – ease. The feelings of being in a vortex of despair and pain whether physical or mental is most debilitating. It is also frustrating for those closest to the person involved which brings it’s own form of depression.

Carlos Castaneda once wrote, ‘we can make ourselves miserable, or we can make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.’
It’s not the effort itself; it is the kind of effort, focus of strength, and the intent to change this state, fromI CAN’T to I WILL! Strangely the rest will follow.

Any complementary techniques should be used under advisement and if they are under a Doctors care with that Doctors’ written acknowledgement of proposed methods and their permission to go ahead.

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We are the baldies!!

A big fantastic thank you to all those who came along to our Macmillan fundraising event yesterday at St Brides Hall in Douglas.

The baldies!!

It was really great to see you all, in costume or just to support this cause.

A special big thank you to all those who gave up their time and money with donations and help for the event,

Mane Attraction for a raffle prize and coming along to do the hair shave off

Raffle prizes also from

Douglas Co-op

Spice of Life Indian Takeaway Douglas

Farrens Pharmacy

Morrisons Lanark

Tesco Lanark

Arran Arromatic’s Toiletries

Diageo Drinks

Martine McFarlane – reflexologist

Fiona McLaren – sound therapist

Jeanette Addie – loads of stuff

Gail Addie – tarot readings

and anyone else i have missed

The hair and beard shave off was a surreal experience, i now have a cold head when i go out!!

The preliminary figure for the amount raised yesterday is just over £450 taking our total so far well over £1100. 

Don’t forget you can still donate to macmillan via the page, look for Andrews close shave for Leslie

Take care all
the bald purpleandrew
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It’s D-Day, the hair and beard shave off for Macmillan

It has been a hectic few days getting ready for the event today. In between bouts of resting and laying down we have collected donations from local shops and supermarkets for the raffle and made a few things for the stalls.

Friends and family are preparing to gather at the Douglas Arms Hotel for 11am followed by the fundraising event at St Brides Hall in Douglas from 12 noon until 4pm.

Come and join us as we raise as much money as we can for Macmillan.

The hair and beard shave off is at 2pm,

Leslie and I hope to see you there

If you can’t make it, you can still donate to Macmillan at the just giving page and look up Andrews close shave for Leslie

Thanks all

purple andrew, soon to be bald andrew!!

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Countdown to the shave off


it is only 2 days to the great event and the hair and beard shave off at St Brides Communiuty Hall Douglas South Lanarkshire

Event starts at 12noon, head shave at 2pm

Medaeval fare with lots of stalls,

sound therapy

tarot reading


stalls with cakes, sweets, biscuits, chocolate (lots of chocolate!!) AND LOTS MORE

kiddies pumpkin carving competition (bring carved pumpkin)


lots more

come along and enjoy the fun, chuck your money in the buckets and have a great time

fancy dress would be fantastic

Check out page 3 of this weeks Lanark Gazette for an article on why we are doing this

see you soon


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Autumn’s Siren Song

Well, I’m wondering what is going on.

Like a sunrise, there is a growing vibe inside my head. It is a good vibe. It is the home straight and I’m on it.

It is coming up to cycle 6.  The final chemo shot; the end of the line for the voluntary intake of poison and the platform from which all things will spring for the future.

I’m on the brink again.

The brink, now there is a verdant place to be. So many choices are available all we have to do is choose to take them.

Notice if you will, that I am not limiting us to only one. Nah, why just take one when there are so many available?

I woke up yesterday, after a reasonable sleep, (yes I am noticing a pattern here) and outside the sun was high in the sky and it was bright and crisp and fresh. It just seemed that the whole season was shouting its presence with great joy and abandon.

A little glow began to grow in my heart as I heard the Siren Song of Autumn and began to dance a little bit in my Soul.

I did a little bit of sewing and it worked out really well. The day before I had made the first loaves of bread since just after the surgery, all very small things but each day has been a little triumph of oomph!

I kind of mislaid my oomph just for a while there. I put it on the back burner to concentrate on this getting better thing. It stayed there and I forgot all about it.

Getting better is much easier with a bit of oomph behind it for sure.

I’m sitting here writing this and there is a bubble of a giggle just permeating through, oh there it is, excuse me while I wallow in this for a minute or two…

You see, wallowing can be a good thing. Now I have an endorphin thing going on its all good.

Time has folded in on itself and if I try to think of how long ago it was that I had the diagnosis, or even how long it was from the time I knew there was a problem it seems all at once ancient and current. The one thing that is clear is the knowing that then was the expectation of what is happening now. After all what is time but a concept of state?

This is what I decided I would be feeling at this time. This is how I wanted it to be.

Now I have what I wanted and now I want what I have.

So I’m listening to and feeling autumn’s Siren song, it is familiar and you know I might just know the words so I will sing a little too. Then I might even get my boogie shoes on and dance about a bit just to see how it fits.

Who knows where that might lead?

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Delayed chemo and the beginnings of a plan.

Hi folks

Well, last week’s planned chemo didn’t happen, Leslie’s blood tests were a little low, so now we wait for some new bloods to be done today and hopefully have the chemo on Thursday.

Do we wait and plod about moping??, no we bloody well don’t.

We have booked a hall for the event. It is at St Brides Hall in Douglas on Saturday 30 October. Meet at 11am in the Douglas Arms Hotel, have a drink then we shall process through the streets in our finest mediaeval garb to St Brides for 12 noon until 4pm.

There will be a raffle

Stalls with cakes and other foody things for you to buy

Dookin for apples

Sound therapy taster session

Kiddies pumpkin carving competition

All sorts, more details to follow

And of course the main event, the Great Andrew Hair and Beard shave off.

So, come along, bring all your loose change and a bulging money bag, coz we want to raise as much as we can for Macmillan Cancer Support

More details to follow, but already folk have started their plans and raided the fancy dress shops.

Helpers wanted for setting up and doing drinks and all the usual stuff, so please get in touch with either of us or as a reply to the blog.

Thank you all, we are gonna have a ball, so come along and help us raise lots of money for Macmillan.

Puprleandrew signing off

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Rabbits Part II: the story

Stop the World…

Where were we? Ah yes, I just want to go back a little – to the ‘yanking’ episode – there I was, I assume that at least I was to all intents and purposes – like – there…somewhere!  I am making this assumption due to the fact that I have a memory of everything in the world stopping; just right out of the blue I’m aware of being ‘up there’ suspended in space and time. Totally safe, not at all bothered about where the meat and bones of me would be found, because to be sure, there would be no way I could be this light and still be in my body…could I?

 And, to get right down to it, who was I at that split second of freeze frame?  I had some kind of animation, I could sense myself being ergo I must be making some movement; we are never perfectly still, until of course rigor steps in!  And that sure as hell wasn’t on the menu, please and thank you to whoever or whatever, and wasn’t it just too perfect that that did not matter at all. 

Absolutely no concern for my predicament and the World was just there and I was – not…but yes…could there be another explanation?  Did I jump or was I pulled? Was this an out of body experience or was my one and only Soul about to discover the Thodol Bardo was spot on and there were things and places and spaces and times yet to be traversed. Was I about to get the answers to all the questions? Was there part of me out there to be met and returned to?

Had I dropped through the veils of realities and become suspended in limbo?  Too romantic even for me!  Or is it? Perhaps that is the whole point.

 The Universe had me, by the scruff of the neck – it had picked me up and held me aloft in this daze of space. There was a choice to be made and only I could make it. Oh it’s ultimatum time and you’re gonna leave here, I can see that glazing over in your eyes…( do you get pub singing angels??)

 CLARITY!  The Universe has the capacity to be a bit of a ‘tough love’ aficionado and as the time thing unravelled before my rapidly glazing eyes I began to see where I’d gone wrong…or at least I thought I had.

 Once upon an end of another bastard Wednesday, I trundled my way back home entertaining the idea on one hand of getting changed and going out and meeting up with the boys from Judo, on the other hand, however, the more tantalizing idea was to give it a miss, jump into a long hot bath and go to bed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep until old Rip called Uncle and confessed to cat napping! The closer the bus got to my home the more I felt I wanted to stay there. I wanted to see the guys and once I got my lazy arse in gear I’d most likely have an excellent time, I thought, then I thought, no – you need to stay at home just stay at home see them on Saturday it’s not too long to wait.

 And so it went on all the way into the house, up to the bedroom, into the bathroom and while back on the bus to go back into town. 

 Closer and closer feeling more and more uneasy, just stay on this bus it’s the circular, you don’t even have to get off your seat, stay on, go home you will not be having such a good time if you continue on here…

I had another opportunity to leave afterwards when a friend called into the pub and offered to put me up for the night.  For some reason staying was the only option and so that is what I did.

 And, there I was, things getting dimmer below me, no feeling of trepidation just a natural kind of hankering to be going on…

 Until, just when I thought everything was going to be finally right, the Universe (or Universal Representative even) let me go!

 That’s right – it dropped me and I banjoed my brain off the tarmac of the pavement in one great WHAP!

 It took a little bit of time for me to realise that it was actually the pavement and not the middle of the road, which had been my last map reference so confusion ruled.

 Since I’ve always been the kind of practical type, my immediate thought after what the fu…??! Was to make a body check – wiggle toes, yes still ten, extend ankles – good no problem there though my feet were quite cold, the knees bent and in the right direction – big relief and then the back was fine but oh! Oh! There was this big, wet, lump on my head where it had – as only it can –  in Glasgow – kissed the pavement!

 Out of nowhere crowds of people arrived, where do they come from by the way? It was after midnight the streets had been empty, is there like a callout crowd, you know someone presses a button and an alarm goes off and beepers are beeping everywhere and all these people drop everything and rush to be instant rubberneckers at accident sites?

 The icing on the cake was the arrival of the police. I don’t get a panda car or a beat cop – no… I get a mini bus full of them going on duty, and they took my shoes from the middle of the road I’m sure that should’ve been evidence!  Of what I’m not sure, that the car was going so fast or that suddenly I can jump higher than Daley Thompson with a 10ft pole?

That the guy actually did see someone for a split second in his headlights a gal gone ‘tharn’!  (He hadn’t been so sure, he slewed to a stop and sent his passenger out to make sure – all I remember of that was ridiculously high heels and blonde hair and whining, not from me, I hasten to add!) That came later when they picked the tarmac out of my eyebrows and forehead with enormous tweezers while asking me how much I had had to drink.

 No other marks at all.

 And yes, I did remark to the Ambulance man that I was glad I’d listened to my mother and was wearing clean underwear!

When I finally got home… well that is another story and when I know you well enough to introduce you to my Mother, you will read it then.

 A couple of years or so afterward I attended a seminar given by the transport police on fatal accidents. There was a picture of a Volkswagen Gti with the windscreen smashed in when the body of the victim hit it on her way over the length of the car.

The guy in front of me said, ‘No way was anybody walking away from something like that’.

 I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “I beg to differ, it can be done, but it’s best not to try it without the aid of a Universal Representative on hand”.

See you down the rabbit hole…

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like trying to get any kind of sensible conversation or just an acknowledgement from a rabbit in headlights?

That is what it’s like trying to communicate with someone who has retreated into catalepsy, the conscious mind in overload totally overwhelmed and unable to move.   That guy Adams had the name for it – going Tharn – now there’s a phrase; something we all know because we all go Tharn every so often.  Every time we get ourselves into situations where something we hadn’t banked on happening happens and in a split second BAM! There’s no time, no sense, no communication between the brain and the limbs – no communication between the brain and the brain.  Your poor unconscious mind clammering in the background trying to be heard but also entranced to the extent that on occasion it forgets to do the breathing thing, (that one thing that is after all, so important to our continued presence on Earth)!

 Meltdown can also be a positive place to start; although we find it hard to perceive this as so, it really is the beginning of everything.   The various meltdown soups that have resulted in life itself are mirrored occasionally in the creative drive of a lot of artists. 

So here we are, back in the headlights.   What is the positive thing?   Well, for the rabbit he’s probably frozen in terror and is getting ready to leap to the great warren in the sky.   I really couldn’t hazard a guess as to what would go on in a rabbit’s brain; I’m too much ingrained in the clichéd breeding thing.  Oh, and of course the good old stand by ‘What’s up doc?’ from Bugs Bunny.  I digress, but isn’t it fun? 

 This is what doesn’t happen during meltdown, the mind cannot meander down tangent-dental, (there go the rabbits again!), paths.  Everything becomes totally crystal clear, there is no past, no future, there is just this precise moment, and their will never be another like it.  I can attest to this, trust me, I have been in the headlights of a car and it’s the most bizarre experience that anyone can have.   Your imminent demise is hurtling upon you and the most inane thought goes through your mind.   Mine was ‘He’s shifting it a bit…’ Then there was absolute peace and a feeling of being yanked out of myself, like some massive force that gave no sensation of mass removed me from the space I had occupied just a nano second before the car was at zero point of no return.

And yanked I was!  I had been wearing little suede boots, with elasticated sides; this was after all the eighties! 

They were still in the middle of the road in a ballet stance position and me; well I was on the pavement over a metre away. 

 I don’t know, I cannot answer that question to your satisfaction, because it has never truly been answered to mine.   The reason for that lies in my need for logical conclusions to logical problems – there are two of me in here, as there are for most people, (some have more than two but that then is a bigger state than Texas and I’m not talking about Alaska!) my logical self knows full well that the logical conclusion of this incident would have been fractures to the left leg and probably the skull and quite possibly the spine too – he was going quite fast; the man in the Volkswagen Golf Gti.

The other part of me, my little friend unconscious mind person, is quite comfortable with the not so logical explanation that takes us into the realm of Spirit and belief systems. 

I know what I felt and I know what I believe.

I also know that I have had quite a few ‘headlight’ moments and each one has had an element of not just ‘stopping the world’ but of some kind of recognition of choice; this is what is happening now, you may choose how it goes from here, how you will react and deal with what happens next, as before your minds’ eye your life flashes by in a nano second that would seem to last forever.

My rabbit may have gone ‘Tharn’  but me, I am looking at all those choices on offer and taking my time picking the best ones for this time in my life.

Posted by: purpleandrew | September 25, 2010


Interesting word, blame; someone somewhere is always going to be giving it and someone else will always be taking it.

 We are a culture of blame.

 Do you not agree?   Think for a second, when was the last time you mentioned something in the presence of another who immediately announced that it was not them or not their fault – whatever it was that you were talking about. You may have been innocently reminding yourself verbally to do something or other and to your surprise the other person jumped like a speeding lemming over a cliff.

On a social networking website there was a statement about illness and the body and how illness can be a by product of our emotional states as well as physical and that our immune systems are also influenced by those emotional states. We discussed the body as an example of the Gaia Principle and also the body’s innate talent for healing itself and for taking on and encapsulating interloping foreign bodies and virus’s etc.

Then suddenly the blame card was drawn from the pack.

“So it is my fault I have this incurable disease, is that what you are telling me?”

It is the ultimate in simplification. The discussion which before was on broad and quite spiritually global terms had become microscopically focussed on the ‘why me?’ question.

Let’s face it; this is entirely natural because the individual who reads these open statements is coming from their own individual perspective.

That is going to be a perspective from where they sit and the situation they are currently sitting in. If that situation is that they have an incurable degenerative disease or have just been diagnosed with cancer that is a raw and tender place.

There is a need to blame someone or something and there we all go searching for answers, searching for a whipping boy.

Ultimately, we turn things on ourselves; it is what we have been taught as a Western culture.

It must be my fault, I didn’t look after myself… this can be down to lifestyle choices it can also be down to genetics and to indifferent education not to mention environmental factors.

We deal with life with the resources available to us at the time. If we are not aware of those resources then we have less choice.

Eastern cultures are amazing; they have no sense of self. The Dalai Lama was once having a chat with some eminent Western psychologist types and he asked them what they did. Mainly, they reported back that they dealt with people’s issues with self esteem. “What is that?” he asked.

Our belief systems have a lot to do with it as well.

Actually they have everything to do with it.

From my seat on cycle 5 of chemo therapy, I see my Shamanic training and my beliefs taking me through this journey understanding the challenges put before me and knowing that death is the ultimate change. I have no fear of it and have visited with it, I will continue to do so until I understand it is time to go and stay. 

Each day becomes a new experience and something to be aware of, connected to.

I am aware of the lessons in my life that I learned in order to be able to understand what is happening to me now.

It is not my fault – though I did not do much to avoid the end result. I made a choice; I chose to wait to change my lifestyle. It may have made a difference had I chosen to work on my body at the same time as I began work on my spiritual health. Who knows?

What I do know is that all I have learned and understood is taking me through this journey more swiftly and easily than I would if I was in the world of hurt that is blame.

I chose to carry guilt of another, I believed at the time it was my duty to do so.

Understanding that I would carry that load, other loads were foisted upon me and I chose to take them.

A saturated solution will begin to solidify and become something else entirely, a whole new and densely heavy organism with its own energy that makes its own space and invading its environment.

Sit in another seat.

See a different view.

If you are sitting with cancer or another of those life challenging dis-eases, ask a different question.  Question the disease.

Why are you in my life?

What do you bring to my life?

How will you change my life?

How will I choose to be now that you are here?

Will I let you change my life?

Keep asking these and other questions then understand that your choice is to change the answer until you get one that fits.

Every second of every day there is a choice to be made.

Some of them are indeed life changing right away; some of them are just small changes.

Remember big old oak trees come from tiny acorns so every choice has consequence but consequence doesn’t necessarily mean that blame is involved.

If you are carrying another’s guilt or burden, leave it behind, there are so many different paths to take on your journey – travel light take the path less trodden and find adventure at every turn. Be in the moment because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to be decided.

Take your life in your hands and run wild and free with it. Laugh and be joyful. Change happens whether you want it to or not. Go with the flow.

For more info on the unconscious mind and the power to heal yourself see the works of Deepak Chopra and Dr David Hamilton to start you off.

Beard the lion of your dis-ease or that of your partners or family member.

I have discovered a lot about myself and others – it has all been good.

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Author, blogger, nonprofit leader, educator, Buddhist meditator, feminist

Services to Literature

Literary Perspective, Advice and Support from Alexa Radcliffe-Hart

wrapped up in books

reading, writing, librarying

Zen Scribbles

Sometimes a pain, sometimes a klutz, sometimes even a Grammar Nazi, but always a writer, always a reader, always a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

One Writer and his Blog

A Blog is a writers best friend


(formerly known as So Many Books)

Book of words

Books, reviews and all things worth reading

Marsh Sport Blog

"Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period"- Lou Holtz c1937


easy reading is damn hard writing

write meg!

Writing, Reading and Loving Like a Mother

101 Books

Reading my way through Time Magazine's 100 Greatest Novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses)


Howdy! We're the largest independent bookstore in Texas. This is our blog.


Author Tim Baker shares his thoughts, hopes and dreams. (mostly his thoughts)

The Writer's Bag of Tricks

Susan Brooks, Editor in Chief at

The Inkpot Scribbles

Writing and Digital Art for the Creative and Curious

A Writer's Life

I'm Rebecca Mahoney, a freelance journalist, fiction writer & manuscript editor who likes to chat about books & writing, share editing tips, and muse about the freelance life. Visit my full website at